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"Devoted in providing top-caliber Japanese-language training in the Philippines" "Big Dreams, Begin Here" Every aspiring Filipino healthcare worker has the right to access FREE Japanese language education and have an opportunity to achieve career growth by pursuing to work and live in Japan

GENKI LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TRAINING CENTER INC. is a TESDA-accredited Technical Vocational Institution (TVI) to conduct Japanese Language and Culture N4 (Level II). It is an established training center recognized by Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as a corporation located at the Rm 301-309 Cabrera Bldg I, No. 130 Timog Ave. Brgy. Sacred Heart Quezon City, Philippines. The Genki Sponsorship Program is designed by our affiliated Japanese partners in providing free language training, and learning materials and assistance for qualified Filipino applicants. Genki was created due to the significant demand of the Japanese Government in accepting Filipino workers to work in senior home care facilities and other related medical services in Japan. Our Technical Vocational Institution (TVI)is managed by professionals and experts in the field of education devoted to honing trainees in achieving their training objectives and acquiring Japanese language proficiency certification by The Japan Foundation and nursing care skill evaluation test required by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of the Japanese Government.

“Big dreams begin here” .

  • To help all Filipino healthcare workers acquire Japanese language proficiency certification by providing FREE study of the Japanese language and culture through our sponsorship program.
  • These objectives are achieved in cooperation with our excellent Filipino Japanese-language instructors with wide experience in the field of teaching Japanese language and Japanese culture.



Professional at schools, teachers are change makers. So, what happens to student learning when only one in six teachers in a district has proper training? Adequate funding can help teachers develop the skills needed to make a difference.

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Technology are change makers. So, what happens to student learning when only one in six teachers in a district has proper training? Adequate funding can help teachers develop the skills needed to make a difference.

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To become one of the most reliable and trusted Japanese language training centers in The Philippines.


To provide a quality Japanese language training center with competitive teaching techniques to equip students in preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test


To develop the training center to become a World-class Japanese Language University by 2024

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The Japanese Language and Culture (N4) Level II is an accredited program by Technical Education and Skills Authority (TESDA) under the free training or sponsorship program of GENKI Language Proficiency Training Center, Inc. This course is designed to equip language trainees with sufficient knowledge and skills in different areas and competencies of Japanese language in integration with the Japanese culture and ethics. These competencies include reading, writing, listening, and speaking which are the four (4) macro skills in language acquisition.

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Genki Training Center brings you not only our FREE online training program for Japanese Language but also our free preparatory courses for your language proficiency exams. Our preparation courses include reviews and practices.

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What they're saying about us

A life-changing experience. Genki paved my way to work in Japan by offering free language training and providing outstanding support. The admin and teachers were really kind. Your efforts is much appreciated. I learned not just the Japanese language but also the right attitude to persevere towards my future.

Mariecris Borbon | Student

JFT and Prometric Passer

If you fail don't give up, just get up. This how Genki motivated me, they helped their students and do their best to push you until you achieve the success. Genki has provided us more than a training until you pass all the exams you needed. Thank you so much!

Mae Ann Arguelles | Student

JFT and Prometric Passer

Big dreams begin at Genki. My experience with Genki Language Proficiency Training Center was great. They provided the best training and necessary learning materials to help students like me learn Nihongo and how to be able to reach our dreams. I believe big dreams begin at Genki.

Cristie Almendras | Student

JFT and Prometric Passer

Genki built my roadmap to Japan. The teachers in the training center helped me all the way and didn't give up. They helped me every step of the way learning from the start until I finally know how to read, write, speak and understand the Japanese Language. Not only that, they also provided us training to know more about the cultures of Japan.

Jovel Tiffany Contreras | Student

JFT and Prometric Passer

Grateful for sharing your knowledge and experiences beyond limit. Genki Training Center has amazing and great staffs and instructors. During the pandemic, they are still there finding ways, reaching us to continue our training and guiding us until we pass the all the examinations needed. Thank you so much for your hardwork and also for believing us to achieve our goals.

Renante Claro | Student

JFT and Prometric Passer

Learning at the Genki Training Center was very fulfilling, enriching and was definitely enjoyable. Genki has prepared me and set proper expectation of my responsibility and duties as a trainee. I was able to sharpen my nihonggo skills and I was able to take a clear view of my future career in Japan.

Timmy-Jessa Toda | Student

JFT and Prometric Passer


Our Professional Team

Our team is composed of professionals and highly skilled individuals with specialized expertise in teaching, administration, and handling different types of learners to achieve clear and outstanding results in the Japanese language training program.




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