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Free Japanese Language and Culture N4( LEVEL II)

The Japanese Language and Culture (N4) Level II is an accredited program by Technical Education and Skills Authority (TESDA) under the free training or sponsorship program of GENKI Language Proficiency Training Center, Inc. This course is designed to equip language trainees with sufficient knowledge and skills in different areas and competencies of Japanese language in integration with the Japanese culture and ethics. These competencies include reading, writing, listening, and speaking which are the four (4) macro skills in language acquisition.

(1) Reading skills- developing the ability to draw meaning from the printed page/materials, brochures, reports, and the like, and interpret this information appropriately to come to a deeper understanding of the text or subject. In Japanese instruction, we develop and utilize different learning materials and activities pertaining to helping the trainees achieve a certain level of this skill;

(2) Writing skills- the most neglected skills, but the most important to understand and acquire starting from the basic writing of Kana to creating meaningful sentences in Japanese.

(3) Listening skills- encompass the multiple processes involved in understanding and making sense of spoken Japanese language. These include recognizing speech sounds, and understanding the meaning of individual words and/or understanding the meaning of sentences in the context. Listening comprehension an important language skill to acquire to be able to understand and communicate with people effectively specially in Japan; and

(4) Speaking skills- a skill that most of the learners/trainees wish to perfect. It involves delivery of a language through mouth and is used to develop the proper pronunciation, intonation, stress, and accent of a spoken language. In Japanese instruction, it is important to fully develop this skill to avoid misunderstanding and/or conflict amongst the people we interact with.

As we develop these skills, we also help our trainees build their wide range of vocabularies in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, and all together create meaningful conversations in Japanese essential in day-to-day living in Japan, specially to non-native speakers of Japanese such as foreign workers in Japan.

This free Japanese language training program is offered to all qualified Filipino care workers in the Philippines. This program allows Filipino care workers to make a clear vison of their future careers in Japan as the demand for care workers in the said country has continuously rising over the years, and with the help of Genki and with the right vision towards the future, living your dreams is never impossible.
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